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April 20, 2020

GOT7 has shared their thoughts on their upcoming comeback!

As the group prepares to make their highly-anticipated return with their new mini album “DYE,” the members opened up about some of their worries and concerns.

Explaining that they were taking on a brand-new concept for their impending comeback, GOT7 confessed that they had been worried about how fans would react. “The entire time we were working on [this comeback], we worried endlessly about whether fans would like it,” they revealed.

However, as GOT7 began releasing teasers for “DYE” and its title track “Not By The Moon” (a song produced by JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young), they were happy and relieved to see that fans were responding positively to their new content. “Because we had been worried,” they went on, “we felt proud that we got a great response to our teasers.”

Despite their concerns, GOT7 also expressed confidence in the quality of their new music.

“We didn’t want the time our fans spent waiting for us to have been a waste, so we really poured all of our sincerity into making the [mini album],” they shared. “We especially tried a lot of new things and took on new challenges in order to show a new side of ourselves. This album and our concept for this comeback are a totally different style from everything GOT7 has done up until now. I think we’ve prepared a great song.”

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Finally, GOT7 shared their excitement about returning to the stage. “We want to quickly show you the song and performance that the seven of us have worked so hard to prepare,” said the members. “We’re also curious and excited to see how people will respond to this new side of GOT7. You’ll be able to see lots of different sides of us through this round of promotions, so please look forward to it.”

GOT7 will release their new mini album “DYE” on April 20 at 6 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out their latest teasers here!

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